12 months
Start Date
15 November 2022
End Date
5 December 2023
Deadline for applications
As soon as suitable candidate is found
Open position
The House Assistant works together with the House Manager and other House Assistant to ensure a positive image of the Centre in terms of the cleanliness and general appearance of all of the indoor facilities. This includes taking care of the laundry services, assisting in the coordination of daily and seasonal cleaning routines, guest check-ins and -outs, helping with special events, and ensuring that all guests receive excellent service during their stay. The House Assistant also leads and organizes the Short Term Staff’s daily work. If you would like to manage and motivate a team of volunteers while ensuring the operations of the House team run smoothly, we look forward to your application!

Application Form: Long Term Staff

As a volunteer at KISC, the World Scout Centre, you'll be working in an international team of motivated Scouts and helping to keep alive Lord Baden-Powell's dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree.

If you have a positive attitude towards work and are happy to help out in any area of the Centre, and if you are open-minded and motivated to learn about new cultures and ways of living and working, we look forward to your application.

Before applying, we recommend you to read Practical info for applicants page on our website.

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House Assistant


United Kingdom
House Assistant
Being House Assistant has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done with my time. It’s massively strengthened my leadership skills and taught me how to organise and prioritise a list of tasks effectively. More than anything, I’ve learned how to motivate the team I’m working with - my favourite part of my job is seeing the Short Term Staff have fun while cleaning the dream! Anyone who wants the chance to help energise a team and who has an eye for detail should definitely consider applying!