KISC catering, Meals at KISC, Management
12 months
Start Date
15 November 2022
End Date
5 December 2023
Application deadline
As soon as suitable candidate is found
Open position
The Catering Manager is responsible for the overview of operations for one of the key aspects of the KISC Guest Services: food and catering to our guests and staff members. Leading and managing the workload of an international team of up to 10 people, providing daily meals between 50-500 servings and catering services for special events up to 1000 guests, managing the orders and administration of food supplies of the Centre, adapting to various dietary requirements to provide inclusive service at KISC, implementing Swiss hygiene regulations in daily operations together with the Hygiene Supervisor are among the key responsibilities of this position.

Application Form: Long Term Staff

As a volunteer at KISC, the World Scout Centre, you'll be working in an international team of motivated Scouts and helping to keep alive Lord Baden-Powell's dream of a Permanent Mini Jamboree.

If you have a positive attitude towards work and are happy to help out in any area of the Centre, and if you are open-minded and motivated to learn about new cultures and ways of living and working, we look forward to your application.

Before applying, we recommend you to read Practical info for applicants page on our website.

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Catering Manager


Catering Manager
What else could I have wished for; food, amazing people and good tunes. I was given the trust and opportunity to work with the Short Term Staff on a daily basis. Helping and supporting them in the best possible way, by working together and we were not only working hard but also having fun while doing it as that is how we do it in catering. Next to that, I also spent some time in the office making sure everything else gets planned. The thing I loved the most was organising Suppliers dinner for all our suppliers.