KISC catering, Meals at KISC, Canteen style
12 months
Start Date
15 November 2022
End Date
5 December 2023
Application deadline
15 August 2022
Closed position
We are looking for two Catering Assistants. The Catering Assistant works with the other members of the Catering Long Term Staff to manage the Short Term Staff and to provide meals for our guests and staff. The person is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Catering operations, including cleanliness and safety of the kitchen, as well as the quality and timeliness of served meals. If you have some cooking skills, are able to manage and motivate an international team of volunteers, and would like to gain experience in running a kitchen, we look forward to your application.


Catering Assistant


Catering Assistant
As Catering Assistant I have learnt so much about how to cook different things with different flavours and styles, including different ways to cook it. I got to work with the Short Term Staff on a daily basis, and this is one of the best parts of the jobs because I was guiding their learning process in the kitchen, while also learning from them. In this role, I have managed to learn and further develop skills I wouldn’t manage to do anywhere else, from people management, to my cooking skills and most importantly, my communication skills.