2023 will be the 100 year centenary of KISC!
We're looking for someone to help us remotely with content creation.
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You will need access to a computer

We expect this commitment to be about 4 hours per week for 2 months.

Ideally you will have access to some sort of image / video editing software, or at least be comfortable using them.

You will need some experience in designing/editing digital content.

We need someone to help with:

Developing visuals (video, presentation, social media content).

Developing / updating the KISC history book.

Designing a digital timeline of  KISC, with 100 moments of KISC depicted.

Designing a KISC "selfie spot" for a prominent location on the Campsite.



For this role, we're looking for someone (or even multiple people) who can help us from home. 

If you would like to spend some time at KISC whilst volunteering in this role then that can also be arranged.