The local Tourist office has set up a challenge for visitors of Kandersteg to visit as many mountain huts in the local area as possible. There are well-made and maintained paths to each of the huts.

All ages
Visit 2 to 4 mountain huts
Possible to achieve
in Summer, Autumn
Awards and Badges Kandersteg International Scout Centre


CHF 6.00
  1. Start by collecting a Hut Card from KISC Reception. Depending on how many huts you visit, you can achieve different Awards; the Bronze Award for visiting 2 Huts, the Silver Award for visiting 3 huts and the Golden Award for visiting 4 mountain huts. 
  2. If you are staying at KISC, before you hike to one of the huts, don’t forget to fill out a Route card.
  3. Collect stamps from these huts: Fründen Hut, Blümlisalp Hut, Balmhorn Hut, Doldenhorn Hut, Lämmeren Hut, Lötschenpass Hut, Hotel Schwarenbach, Gfellalp Hut, Gölitschenalp Cheesery, Ueschinen Hut.
  4. Reach the hut and ask the hut warden to stamp or sign the card. If they are not there, photograph yourself at the hut.
  5. If you have visited the huts, you can purchase the relevant metal pin at the KISC Reception.