Dear Ex-Staff,

The busy summer is over and we are enjoying a real 'Indian' summer here at the moment. In this Update we have a few items for you:

  • TimeOut 2008
  • Ex-Staff Reunion
  • Helpers needed

TimeOut 2008

With lots of pleasure and humour Tati has been working on producing the TimeOut 2008. I have been laughing a lot when reading the final draft, so I hope that you find it fun to read this edition as well and bring back memories of your time here at KISC.

All that contributed to this edition and especially Tati, many thanks!!

Ex-Staff Reunion

We are counting down the days till the start of the Ex-Staff Reunion!

The Tower is filling up rapidly and I know that quite a few of you have booked accommodation in the village but will attend the Reunion. If you have not signed yourself up, please do so before we have to dissapoint you! Of course there is plenty of space on the Campsite but are you up for a few days of winter camping?

Paul and Luath have volunteerd to be leading in the organisation of the programme but they need your help! Contact them with your ideas and offer your assistance.

At the moment we are discussing the meals during the Reunion - will we provide the ingredients or will we cook the meals in the kitchen and you need to serve them or can we offer all of you to eat at the Dinning Hall? We will let you know as soon as possible what it will be.

Hope to see you all at the end of December!

Helpers Needed

Just to make you start thinking about what to do with your holiday or spare time in 2010.

We will be looking for helpers for Ski-Week 8 & 9, for the Summer training weeks in June and definately for at least 9 High Season Staff over the 6 peak weeks in the Summer of 2010!

In the next edition we will have more specific info for you.

Wishing you a great autumn season and hoping to see you in December here at KISC!

Mark Knippenberg - Director

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