A quick Hello from Kandersteg!

The autumn season goes well and lots of work gets done. The Work Parties went very well and we were happy to have 2 full Dutch WP's, a Spanish WP and a Eurotransit WP!

Paul Lawrenson is working hard in the Kander-Lodge preparing the 44 guests beds, doing a lot of construction work and a lot of painting. The opening of the Kander-Lodge is postphoned to 1st June 2009 to allow all involved more time to prepare and to ensure the work done is with  the best possible result.

As allways the autumn season saw some staff changes in  the 12 months and longer staff and in October we said goodbye to Caz (PR) and Anna (GSD). Caz is replaced by Tati (AR) and Anna is replaced by Gillian (IE).

You might have noticed that the website looks slightly differently. We moved the whole website into a new Content Management System (CMS) in September allowing us to go live with 3 of the 4 additional languages. Nearly all the content is moved over and the rest will happen in the coming weeks. If you notice any difference between languages or mistakes, please feel free to inform Tati, PR & Marketing Assistant - pr[at]kisc.ch. I like to use this opportunity to say 'Thank You' to Caz for all her hard work to move the content of the website before finishing her contract here.


With the relaunch of the website on 31st October 2008 also the vacancies for the 4 & 5 months Long Term Staff positions for the summer 2009 are now online. If you know anyone who might be interested, please make them aware of these opportunities.

More info you can find here.

Renewing your Membership or make a donation

Shortly before the General Assembly we introduced an online payment system. This system did not work fluently and with the launch of the renewed website we switched to the Swiss Post Finance online payment system.

You can now pay your membership, make a donation or buy a chair with your Master, Visa or American Express Cards. Or if you are from Switzerland you can use your Post Finance Card or the Swiss Post E-Banking system.

Have a look at the shop!

Your log-in

Your log-in for the member pages of the KISC website should still be working as before. If you have troubles please send an email to me (director[at]kisc.ch).

If you have joined the Association recently (last 6 months) you will have received a letter with a Usedid and a Password. However you might not have access to the KISC Member pages, if so send me an email as well. The next step for us to cross reference the internal membership database with the website membership database.

That is it for the moment!

Warm Regards,

Mark Knippenberg - Director

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