Registration for the General Assembly

You can now sign up for the General Assembly by filling out the online registration form.

You can sign up for the whole weekend or just for the General Assembly on Sunday 6th June 2010. KISC Association Members can stay for free (overnights and meals) from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch inclusive. If you want to arrive earlier or depart later we will make an additional booking for you and the regular overnight and meals prices are applicable.

The online registration form is available here.

Information regarding the General Assembly - 6th June 2010

On June 6th, 2010, our 2 yearly General Assembly will take place. KISC Members have the possibility to decide about the future direction of the Centre, to elect the KISC Committee and to hear more about what has happened in the past 2 years. The information regarding the General Assembly can be found here.

All the general information will be available on the public part of the website. The specific information, such as documents and candidate profiles for the elections, can only be found on the secure part of the website (Members only).

To gain access to the secure section of the website you need your personal username and password. If you have lost your login details or never received them, please contact the Administration Assistant - Kaspar Tribelhorn (CH).

"Mini" Members Weekend

We are working hard on the details for a "Mini" Members Weekend.

The preliminary programme for this weekend is:

  • Thursday: arrival and welcome
  • Friday: varied programme
  • Saturday: varied programme, including afternoon workshop. Evening: International Evening
  • Sunday: General Assembly, Open House, BBQ and departures in the afternoon or free afternoon with the option to depart on Monday

We will publish the final programme etc. as soon as possible on the KISC website.


At the General Assembly the full Committee of the Association is up for election.  The KISC Committee consists of 16 seats:

  • four reserved seats: the World Scout Committee, European Scout Committee, Mouvement Scout de Suisse and the Swiss Scout Home Foundation (owner of the Tower estate)
  • six seats for National Scout Organisations who are members of the KISC Association
  • six seats for Individual Members

The National Scout Organisations have already been contacted by letter regarding the possibility to nominate a representative to stand as a candidate for one of the NSO seats.

If, as an Individual Member, you are interested in standing as a candidate for the upcoming elections, you must fulfil the following criteria and do the following (not later as 26th April 2010 but preferbly before 15th April 2010):

  • be at least 18 years old on 6th June 2010
  • have paid your membership fees up to and including 2010
  • willingness to adhere to the job description
  • send a letter/email including a short profile of not more than 15 lines in English and/or German and a headshot (face picture)

The letter or email should be addressed to the Director of Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Wagetiweg, CH-3718 Kandersteg Switzerland or be send by email. The envelope should be marked "GA 2010 - Confidential"

Agenda items

The Statutes declare in Art. 12 that the General Assembly can only take decisions about matters previously stated on the agenda. In order to distribute the agenda with the invitation it is required that agenda items reach the Director of Kandersteg International Scout Centre no later than 40 days before the opening of the General Assembly.

If you have any items for the agenda please ensure that your proposal has reached the Director no later than 26th April 2010, but preferably before 15th April 2010.

Delegation of Votes

Those Members who are not able to attend the General Assembly may delegate their vote to another Member. The authorisation must be written and presented to the Committee before the opening of the General Assembly. It is essential that the delegation of a vote must state the name of the Member designated to hold the vote.

Art. 13 of the Statutes limits the number of delegated votes a Member can represent to no more than two. Representatives of National Scout Organisations may represent no more than four other National Scout Organisations.


Will we see you in June 2010?

Besides an important General Assembly we will also celebrate the official opening of the Malta Room and the opening of the renovated Ground Floor of the Old Chalet. This is the moment to return to KISC, to revive old friendships and memories and to make new ones.

We hope to see you all in Kandersteg during the 1st weekend of June!


On behalf of the KISC Committee and the Staff at KISC,
warm regards,

Mark Knippenberg


This confidential e-mail is for the addressee only. If received in error, do not retain/copy/disclose it without our consent and please return it to us. We virus scan and monitor all e-mails but are not responsible for any damage caused by a virus or alteration by a third party after it is sent.

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