Dear friends,

Autumn is season of change. The temperature begins to drop quite rapidly here, the usual green colour of the campsite turns into colourful circus and the mountain peaks around Kandersteg are already wearing snowy hats.

Autumn doesn’t bring a change just for nature but also for the World Scout Centre. Now we have 7 new members of the Pink family coming from Israel, Portugal, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea and Australia. Furthermore, the number of guests have dropped but the work to be done remains full steam ahead. At the moment we are busy with deep cleaning, closing down the campsite and preparing the Centre for the winter, however because we have really dedicated Pinkies and the help of work parties the work has been going smooth so far. Later in the season we are planning to change the heating system at the Chalet which means the catering operation and Staff will move to the Sunneblick for one month.

Below you can read about some of the changes and recent news of autumn so far at KISC. We hope you enjoy the autumn ahead and that it is a time of good changes in your life.


Autumn here is also known as a season of Work Parties. This autumn we are happy to welcome groups from Portugal, Austria, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. For one Work Party however, is this autumn really special. The Dutch Work Party is celebrating their 30th anniversary. In 1985 a group of Scouts from the Netherlands came to devote their time helping the Centre out, not suspecting that they had just started a long-standing tradition of Dutch Work Parties at the World Scout Centre. Since then, without interruption, they have come with two Work Parties each year to help us in different areas, mainly with preparing wood for summer and winter. Thank you for your hard work and support! See more…



The International Day of Peace on the 21st of September was celebrated by thousands of people across the world. Living peacefully and doing all that is possible to create a better world is an essential part of our life as a Scouts and Guides. The Pinkies have joined them with their own thoughts and personal declarations of peace. In Baden Powell’s words, "on the next generation will lie the duty of bringing about Peace through peaceful actions", we are impelled to keep the spirit for peace in our minds. At the World Scout Centre we aim to have a Day of Peace every day to fulfill our mission as a Messenger of Peace.


We have been fortunate enough this season to have three Jewish Pinkies on the team, and on the 13th of September we all joined together to celebrate the Jewish New Year - Rosh Hashanah. Translating to "The Head of the Year", it is a time for families to come together and reflect on the year that was. To mark the occasion here at KISC we organised a special dinner for all staff and guests, together as one KISC family. On the tables we upheld the tradition of apples and honey, used to symbolise a sweet new year ahead for all. It was a wonderful evening for all in attendance, and a wonderful opportunity to everyone to learn more about the Jewish traditions.


We have recently reopened two Long Term Staff positions - Caterer and House Manager. If you want to wear Pink for one year, see more information about the jobs here. If you are interested in joining us apply as soon as possible. Also, although the snow stays high up in the mountains and the autumn is firmly settled in the valley we are already preparing for winter season in terms of helpers for the busy period. Many of our Staff are anxiously awaiting the chance to get their skis and snowboards out and start the winter adventure with our guests. If you are interested in being a helper check this opportunity here.




Did you already make plans for Christmas or New Year? Celebrate an unforgettable festive period at the World Scout Centre with your family, friends and the Pinkies. Winter wonderland, the glow of the Christmas tree, a home like atmosphere turn KISC into a real winter fairytale. Days full of skiing, sledding, building snow-men and calm evenings with a cup of hot chocolate watching the snowfall…That’s just a fraction of what you can really experience! KISC is the best place for Christmas and celebrating the turn of the New Year amongst an international scout family with your loved ones. Check our Christmas and New Year offer here.

Yours in Scouting,

Katarína Mitríková (SK)
PR & Marketing Assistant

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