Dear Ex-Pinkies,

The Spring season has just started, and although Kandersteg is still covered in a thick layer of snow we are already starting to prepare for the busy Summer coming up. This is where you come in! We are looking for Helpers and High Season Staff to help run the Centre during our busiest weeks in summer. If you would like to come back to experience the magic of KISC once more, work with amazing people, and enjoy your days off in the Swiss Alps, please continue reading!


High Season Staff (HSS) work during the very peak of the Summer season. If you have been Short Term Staff before and don't have the 4 months or more to be Long Term Staff, then HSS gives you the perfect opportunity to work at the Centre again during one of the most exciting parts of the year.
We need HSS to work in Chalet Services (House and Catering) and Campsite. We are looking for HSS from the 10th of July until the 14th of August, but it is possible to work as HSS for a shorter time period. Please let us know the dates you are available in your applications, as we will be looking for people for shorter and longer periods. If you are interested please complete the application form and return it to Anna (FI) by 1st of April 2016.  



Helpers always bring extra energy, enthusiasm and experience to a season. If you have worked at KISC before, you can come back to help out during our busiest times. We are looking for Helpers for Summer staff training and High season, and for when we have some larger groups coming this summer. If you’re keen on helping out in Chalet Services (House & Catering), Campsite or Programme let us know when you would be available!

We will need Helpers during the following periods:

-    Summer Staff Training: 4th of June until the 26th of June
-    Australian Contingent: 26th of June until the 9th  of July
-    Camp Alpine (TAC) food distribution helper: 29th of June until the 16th of July
-    High Season: last 2 weeks of July, first week of August / August 1st
-    Hampshire: 14th of August until the 30th of August

You don't have to be available the whole time, even one or two weeks during one of these periods would be great.

If you are interested in helping out in Chalet Services or Campsite, check here what details you need to send us and send them by email to Anna (FI). If you are interested in becoming a Programme Helper, you have to have already been assessed as hiking, climbing or activity (in-camp) guides. Please check which details you need to send us here and send them by email to Lieveke (NL).


This Summer we will be organising International Rover Week from the 28th of July until the 7th of August. We are hoping to welcome around 40 Rovers from over 15 different countries and offer them a great week of activities, friendship and fun. We are looking for three to four helpers to help us with this event, looking after the Rovers, help run the programme and making sure they have a great week. You will need to be available to work from the 27th of July until the 8th of August. If you are interested, please email Lieveke (NL) with all necessary information, which you can find here.



We're starting to plan our Snow & Ice Programme and require some enthusiastic people to be Snow & Ice Helpers. If you have experience with snow, ice or of travelling on glaciers and think that you'd be able to teach these skills to Scouts then this is your chance. The dates are from the 29th of June until the 21st of August 2015. If the dates are not suitable then please apply stating availability. You can find more information about the position and how to apply on our website.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Yours in Scouting,

Anna Järvinen (FI)
Staff Development Director

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