Ex-Staff Reunion 2009

The Ex-Staff Reunion 2009 has come to an end and that last ex-staff have left the Centre.

What a Reunion it was! Although it is utterly unclear how many ex-staff were actually in Kandersteg the estimates reached over 110!! As always the Tower was the heart of the Reunion but many had taken the opportunity to find additional accommodation in hotels, holiday homes and in staff accommodation.

Thank you all for coming to Kandersteg and for such a fabulous time. Your costumes for the New Years Eve Party were impressive!

Ex-Staff Reunion 2013

Please note in your agendas the dates for the next Ex-Staff Reunion: 28.12.2013 - 05.01.2014

The venue will not be the Tower this time but the Haus Sunneblick!

Vacancies for Summer 2010

Just a small reminder that the deadline for the 4 & 5 months LTS position for Summer 2010 is getting close (15th January 2010)!

Please check out here what we have available.

Another possibility is to join us as High Season Staff (HSS) for the 6 very busy weeks over summer. More info can be found here (need log-in).

If that is not what you were looking for we are also recruiting 3 or 4 Snow & Ice helpers - if interested please contact Tom.

TimeOut 2008 will be produced in March 2010 - so if you want to contribute or want to make sure some decent things are written about you and your season, please send your copy to Lou in the coming days.

That is it for the moment. Have a great year and see all of you soon at KISC!!


Mark Knippenberg - Director

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