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Summer is the perfect time for Scouts to explore the woods, go camping with fellow Scouts, play the guitar by the fire and enjoy the beauty of this world! This Summer, around 8’600 Scouts decided to come to Kandersteg for the scout camp of their lives. To ensure that the Centre is ready for more than 60’800 overnights in 3 months, we have 62 dedicated Staff members from 28 different countries determined to give their best! Therefore, this last month was mainly about training the new Pinkies. Now they are ready to lead hikes and climbing courses, to cook for hundreds of hungry guests and work on our campsite.

If you are interested in what happened at KISC in June please continue reading.


Welcome2KISC project finished

As you might know from our previous newsletters, on the 12th of April a big project, “Welcome2Kisc”, started at KISC. The whole grounds area in front of the Chalet was renovated. After 2 months of hard work, the project was completed and inaugurated on the 12th of June. Our thanks goes out to all the people who supported this project, sponsors, the members of our Foundation Board and to Hans Joachim “Bob the builder” Pfeiffer (the project manager). You can have a look at some recordings of the work here. We hope you will see the changes with your own eyes soon.


General Assembly 2016

Along with finishing the Welcome2KISC project, the Members of the KISC Association met at the General Assembly. They heard more about what has happened in the past 2 years, what is being planned for the future at KISC and to see the results of their support. If you also want to attend and vote at the General Assembly, setting the direction of the Centre, stand for election to the KISC Association Committee, then become a Member of KISC Association! Find more information here. Contribute to the growth of thousands of young people every year!

KISC at the 15th European Guide and Scout Conference

Representatives of WAGGGS and WOSM European region came together for the joint 15th European Guide and Scout Conference in Norway. Great five days of shaping Scouting on the European level! One of the results of the Conference are the newly elected Committees of the WOSM and WAGGGS European Region. KISC looks forward to working together with them!

This Conference was really important for European Scouting as well as for KISC. Our main mission was strengthening the relationships between KISC and European countries and catching, even more, people by the idea of the Permanent Mini Jamboree. Moreover, after years of conversation, KISC and the European Scout Region signed an agreement that will structure the support that the region will offer to KISC and vice-versa. This is key to ensure that KISC, as World Scout Centre is supporting the vision and mission of Scouting, and receiving appropriate support to do so.

We were also really pleased to see that many of our Ex-Staff are now involved in Scouting at National and International level. There were over 16 ex-staff present at the Conference, some as Chief Commissioners, International Commissioners, staff at the World Scout Foundation and the World Scout Bureau. This is another example of how KISC broadens the dimension of Scouting and acts as a motivator to get Scouts fully involved in Scouting and the Organization.




June is slowly coming to an end and soon our Campsite will be full of tents and Scouts walking around with different colour uniforms from all over the World. Right now, we are welcoming an Australian Contingent with more than 200 Scouts, about 350 Scouts from the United States of America and other smaller groups. The Permanent Mini Jamboree is getting busier!

We hope to see you at KISC this summer!

Katarina Mitrikova
PR & Marketing Assistant

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