The weekend of the 5th to 6th November 2011, both Committee and Foundation Board had their autumn meeting. After receiving the directors’ report, presented by Jens Sheeran, Operational Director, and Myriam Heidelberger Kaufmann, General Director, the Committee received the Safety Report as well as the Overnight Forecast which counts on 65’000 overnights for 2012 instead of 59’000 for this year. The Budget 2012 shows a small surplus of around 3’000 CHF as a result of the projected overnights and was approved unanimously.

The Operational Plan, based on the strategic guidelines, presented by the General Director showed the priorities for the next years. The Centre wants to start with developments in Programme, Staff and Catering and focus on how to transfer the Magic of KISC on to other places like Jamborees and events as well.

The European Scout Region informed the Committee about the financial status of the European Region and discussed with the Committee ways forward to continue ESR’s support for and cooperation with KISC.

Marc Lombard, chairman of the Foundation board, opened the meeting after a calm year. Future plans of the Foundation are the renewal of the outside area of KISC to make it more welcoming for guests. The name of this new project is “Welcome2KISC” and refers to the first bigger project “Next Generation Chalet”. It also includes easy access to the centre from the parking ground for people using wheelchairs and should provide for an ecological heating system in Sunneblick. As per standing policy, the Welcome2KISC Project can only be realised if the funding is secured in advance.

The budget of the foundation plans for an annual reduction of the mortgage to be ready for further investments on a longer term.

The meetings were rounded up with an international evening, organised as a joint event of Committee, Foundation Board and Staff of KISC.



As we already covered in a special edition of Latest News (see link on the right), the Bernese Oberland and with it KISC, as well as the entire town of Kandersteg were struck by severe floodings due to massive snowfall from the 8th to 9th October and the quick melting of the snow the next day. Even though the harm done to the Centre and the village was comparatively low, we were cut off from the North for a week. For two days, office life felt a bit like at the beginning of the 90s again without any internet and therefore no access to the server and the files stored on it. Several Pinkies were helping cleaning the village together with the Spanish Work Party and were thanked by village officials for this. The slight damage done to the Centre was fortunately covered by insurance, so by now we are back to business as usual and are waiting on more snow and less water for Winter!



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On November 16th, works on the riverbed in front of the Centre started. These works, part of the general plan of the Gemeinde to heighten the shore alongside the Kander and stabilize it, already begun last year further down river and have now moved up to us. Thanks to the work done before in the village, catastrophic results in Kandersteg like as after the flood in 2005 were avoided in this October's floodings. We hope that the reinforcement of the riverbed next to the Kander will come in helpful in a future flood as well.

Because of the improvement works, part of our car park is not accessible at the moment as heavy machines are working around the Centre. This won't affect the quality of the service we offer to guests though. If the works continue according to plan, constructions will move further up river by the beginning of Spring.




As the days are getting shorter, with the arrival of the first glistening snow of the season, and with all the Pinkies huddling up inside the warm and welcoming rooms of the Chalet, the most festive time of the year is approaching.

Everyone here at the Centre is looking forward to Christmas and getting into a festive mood. On behalf of the entire KISC Staff Team we wish you, your family and all those close to you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! We are grateful for all the support given to us this year - thank you for supporting the dream!




"Hello! My name is Kyle, I am 18 years old and I am from the USA - about one hour from New York City -  and currently on a gap year between high school and college. I thought that time off from the usual stresses of home would be a great way to clear my head as well as give me some time to travel a bit.
I am an Eagle Scout with my troop from back home, Troop 70. My troop visited KISC during the Summer of 2009 and I loved it so much that I decided to come back as a Pinkie. I still have a few more weeks here but so far I am loving the experiences I am having here as Staff as well as on my days off. I really enjoy anything that gets me outside, including, hiking, biking and climbing. Luckily, I have been able to do most of these things as the mountains surrounding KISC provide a great playground for me and my fellow pinkies."


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