Dear Ex-Staff,

After 2 days of rain it is sunny again in Kandersteg and we are very busy!

A few weeks ago you have received another mail from us with the Kander-Info attached to it. Normally the Kander-Info is send 2 or 3 times a year to all our supporters, International Commissioners, National Headquarters etc. This time we included all the Ex-Staff as well and we hope you appreciated the general update.

In this newsletter we therefore have only a few specific topics for you:

  • Vacancies at KISC
  • Ex-Staff Reunion
  • Greenland trip 2010


The posts of Reception Manager and & Marketing Assistant are filled! We are happy to have Luath Glendinning (UK) and Luisa (Lou) Fontanazza (IT) on the team from October 1st onwards. Congratulations to both of you!!

In the meantime I have put all the 12 months and 9-10 months vacancies with a start date in December 2009 online as well. With the last upgrade of the Content Management System of the website we can now create online forms. Which means that now you have the option to fill in an online application form and attached several documents! Of course if you prefer the paper way it is still possible as well.

The Centre is also recruiting a Deputy Director for Guest Services with a start date in the Autumn. More info can be found here.

Please spread the news regarding the vacancies among your scout friends as well. For the post of Administration Assistant we are looking esüecially for a native German speaker from Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein or Luxemburg. For all the Ex-Staff in these countries: send an email to as many scout/guide friends as possible to make them aware of this opportunity.

Ex-Staff Reunion 2009/2010

It is less then 6 months to the start of the traditional Ex-Staff Reunion here at KISC!

The dates of the Ex-Staff Reunion are: 26.12.2009 - 03.01.2010

As last time the Tower is booked for the Reunion and signing up is on a "first come - first serve basis". As some of you are getting a little older and therefore, in some cases, in need of a little bit more comfort and privacy you can of course arrange your accommodation with a hotel in the village and still take part in the activities.

In the next few days the online sign-up form for the Reunion will appear in the restricted ex-staff section of the KISC website. Please use this form to sign-up even if you have done it verbally or by email before.

The organisers of the Ex-Staff Reunion are:

  • Paul Lawrenson
  • Luath Glendinning
  • Connor McCarthy

You can get in contact with the via the Facebook Group. Hope to see lots of you in December here at KISC!!

Greenland Trip 2010

Mustard loved the peace and quietness of Greenland so much that he is planning a 2nd trip in 2010! This time he will be accompanied by Fran Middleton who was on staff from 1988-1992 and in 1995.

What is definately different this time is that the team will use snow-kites as much as possible during the 1800km 'walk' and that the money raised with this trip is going towards a special fund. This special fund is set up on the passing away of Ali Rainback in 2008. Ali was on staff in 1992 and that experience, as with many of us, had a remarkable influence on his life.

Do you want to know more about the Greenland Trip 2010, donate towards the fund, become a sponsor and receive a regular update? Check out their website!

If you have questions, remarks, advice or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hot from the press: David Patchell (UK) met Gudny Björnsdottir (IS) in 2000 on the summer staff and they will get married on Friday 24th July 2009! You can send your best wishes to them here by email.

If you have some spare money or know friends/family with it, and like to do your 'good deed' for 2010 in advance, we have a long wish list that will certainly have something on it that you like to sponsor.


With Scout/Guide greetings,

Mark Knippenberg - Director 

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