Greetings from KISC!

Finally it is dry, warm(er), and sunny in Kandersteg. We are nearly at the end of the Spring season and it was everything but the 'traditional' quiet season! As staff we welcomed the World Scout Committee for a 3 day meeting, the global staff meeting of the World Scout Bureau for a week meeting, the Agora meeting (ESR), the 2nd SCENES network meeting with participants from all over the world and the staff of the WSB-European Regional Office for their traditional Staff Management Conference. Just to name a few!

At the same time the Australian Room and the neighbouring 'old' Korean Room were renovated and were possible extended. Lost off done by on the Campsite and in the grounds by staff and the Spanish & Dutch Work Parties with the International Work Party still to come.
The new layout of the renovated Ground Floor seems to be working very well although the major test will be over summer.

In the weeks ahead the Chapel area on the main Campsite will be refreshed by the Verein Katholische Pfadfinder Schweiz (Association of Catholic Scouts in Switzerland) and we will celebrate the opening of the new Korean Room in the Kander-Lodge as well as the new ATAS Room (KL as well) and the Malta Room in the New Chalet. Plans are prepared for the extensive renovation of the Arabian Suite which might take place during the coming autumn.

 In this short newsletter I will touch on two other subjects:

  • LTS vacancies
  • General Assembly 2010



In September we will say good bye to some of the LTS who have been on Staff for 12 or more months and we will dearly miss them. The present operation of the Centre is starting to require a little more stability in the LTS team and therefore the length of some of the positions advertised could be longer than 12 months or the contracts will have an option for extension up to an additional 12 months (of course depending on the length of work permits we can obtain).

As the present Deputy Director for Programme will leave at the end of his 3 year contract in March 2011 and the present Assistant Programme Director is finishing his 2 year term in December 2010, the new APD will start in September 2010 to allow for a smooth transition.

Positions available are:

  • Assistant Programme Director
  • Caterer
  • PR & Marketing Assistant
  • Reception Manager

All positions have a start date around mid September 2010. All information can be found here.

I am looking forward to welcoming you back at KISC!



General Assembly

For those Ex-Staff who are a Member of the KISC Association, you will receive an electronic newsletter with the latest update on the GA in the coming week.

For Ex-Staff members who are not yet a Member of the KISC Association you can still sign up and actively participate in the highest decision making body of the Kandersteg International Scout Centre. The General Assembly will take place on Sunday 6th June 2010 and for Members the weekend is for free.

There are two options to sign up:

  • Ex-Staff who were STS in 2009 or later can sign up for their free membership year in 2010 by sending an email and from 2011 onwards you need to pay the annual of CHF 25.- (Youth Member) or CHF 50.- (Individual Member)
  • Ex-Staff who were STS in 2008 and before can use the online shop to sign up and pay the appropriate membership category.

Your voice, experience and commitment are needed to maintain and develop the Centre!


I hope you enjoyed reading this short update of what happened at the Centre in the past months and the what is planned in the months ahead.

As always you are most welcome to pay us a visit to discover the changes, the improvements, and to revive your memories. The Centre has special overnight and meal prices for Ex-Staff so why not take this opportunity!

I wish you all the best and hope to welcome many of you here at the Centre in the months ahead!

Best regards,

Mark Knippenberg - Director.

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